Corten steel large format raised garden bed

Référence : potager 120-120
Eat healthily and enjoy growing. Our modular beds made of folded sheet metal which is reinforced and bolted allow you to create raised beds in any size you like. They are easy to install, durable and high quality at an attractive price

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The connections are invisible and are extremely easy to put together. The bed is easily assembled using nuts and bolts. The parts weigh about 20 kg, making them very easy to manoeuvre.

The bed has no bottom allowing it to benefit from good drainage and an exchange of micro-organisms between the soil in the bed and the soil on the ground.

  • Application:

Want to produce your own organic vegetables without complications or constraints? With our beds, you can do your gardening comfortably standing up in rich soil that does not get compacted. You can say goodbye to back aches and the soil dwelling pests won't eat your harvest for you. Your vegetables will grow at top speed because the bed warms the soil more quickly and the roots will be able to go deep into the soil more easily so that you will be able to produce 2x more than if you planted directly in the ground

  • Dimensions:

The bed is made up of 120 cm long panels

You can choose a bed with:

- 4 panels. This will create a square bed with 120 cm sides

- 6 panels. This will create a rectangular bed of 120 cm - 240 cm

- 8 panels. This will create a rectangular bed of 120 cm - 360 cm

- 10 panels. This will create a rectangular bed of 120 cm - 480 cm

- 12 panels. This will create a rectangular bed of 120 cm - 600 cm

We can also provide custom beds. The standard height is 80 cm (the perfect height to work comfortably).

  • Material:

Corten steel is a decorative material. It is sturdy, requires no maintenance, is exceptionally long-lasting and fits well anywhere.

More durable than wood and more environmentally friendly than plastic.

Corten steel is a copper alloy steel. Copper prevents rust from forming within the metal and the life expectancy of a 2mm sheet is estimated at 35 years.

Our Corten steel planters are not rusty when delivered; they rust on contact with air, rain and humidity. This is a natural process and it takes more or less 2 months for rust to appear on the whole planter and about 6 months to a year to obtain a darker permanent shade.

Note: Corten steel may leave light marks on light-coloured surfaces during the maturation phase.

  • Delivery:

Someone from Chameleon Decor will contact you to set a delivery date no later than 4 weeks after your order. The bed will be delivered on a euro pallet (1 m2) which will be delivered to your door by the courier. The pallet contains the panels for the bed, the interior reinforcement, the assembly wrench, all the necessary nuts and bolts, work gloves and assembly instructions.

  • Payment method:

There are 2 ways to place your order:

1: You select the item you want with standard measurements: choose what you want from the available options and place your order on our website. During payment, you will automatically be redirected to the secure website of our partner Ogone and to your bank's site.

2: You send us an email with the standard or custom item of your choice. You will then receive a purchase order that you need to sign and return to us in order to formalise your order. In terms of payment, you can either pay for your order in cash on delivery or by bank transfer before your goods are shipped.

  • Contact us:

If you have any questions, custom corten steel planter request or price enquiries, you can contact us via email (recommended) on or by phone on +0032 4 99 48 09 83.

We are located in Belgium in the province of Liège at Rue du Tilleul 25 4607 Bombay.