The concept

4 complete ranges to suit all your needs.

Chameleon decor offers 4 ranges of Corten steel planters:

1: Decorative Corten steel planters - square, cube, rectangular, round...available in several formats. They can be installed anywhere and can accommodate all kinds of plants.

2: Corten steel planter box - install it on your balcony or patio just a few steps away from your kitchen and grow whatever you like: vegetables, aromatic herbs, etc.

3: Long length ornamental raised beds - our modular assembly system is designed to easily create beds planters with unlimited dimensions.

4: Raised beds - with our assembly tools, you can create your durable raised bed easily. Eat healthily and enjoy growing.

Corten steel.

Corten steel is a decorative material. It is sturdy, requires no maintenance, is exceptionally long-lasting, frost-resistant and fits well anywhere making it perfect for planters, planter boxes and raised beds.

More durable than wood and more environmentally friendly than plastic.

Corten steel is a copper alloy steel. Copper prevents rust from forming within the metal and the life expectancy of a 2mm sheet is estimated at 35 years.

Corten steel is not rusty to begin with, it rusts on contact with air, rain and humidity. This is a natural process and it takes more or less 2 months for rust to appear on the whole planter and about 6 months to a year to obtain a darker permanent shade

Note: Corten steel may leave light marks on light-coloured surfaces during the maturation phase.

Chameleon-Decor designs, manufactures and sells.

Chameleon-Decor designs, manufactures and sells directly to you so that you can enjoy a high quality product at a competitive price. Our Corten steel planters are manufactured in Belgium in the province of Liège. We pay close attention to the finishes: the welds are ground to perfection and our planters are very sturdy. We take great care with our service before and after sale. Feel free to send your requests to Jean Lequarré via email at or by phone on +0032 4 99 48 09 83

Rigorous in terms of quality down to the smallest detail, everything is checked for your satisfaction.

We are prepared to take on your project from start to finish.

At Chameleon decor, we monitor each phase from design to manufacturing and shipping. The best way to get a high quality product and service and a low price.


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